Poetic Vision



Webster's dictionary states:
a poem is "a composition in verse; lofty or imaginative writing or artistic expression."
The definition itself is not very poetic, nor does it place any strict regulations on what one might consider poetry.

Whatever, poetry is an economical writing method that has the power to induce much human emotion.

Musical lyrics are poetry set to rhythmic sound and are today's most popular form of this art.
When musical poetry converges with visual imagery the two media can act synergistically with each other and produce amazing results like musical videos.

In this project we will combine segments of musical lyrics or poetry (your own or another's) with a visual collage to create a mood and evoke an emotion.

- this image will be imported into the library of a FLASH document where it will be combined with other imagery and audio segments to create a multimedia production viewable on the web or a stand alone production on a computera

- You might consider using your Photoshop layers as elements in your animation ----- for example various aspects of your image could be faded in in sequence with the music segment
- there are many opportunities to be creative with sound images and animation

Since you will be extracting images for arranging into your collage you might want to visit these PhotoShop tutorials





Be sure to study the principles of design before starting your layout.
Below are a few examples using poetry and lyrics as well as visual imagery. 
           Please view the collages and critique before continuing

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The use of verse fragments scattered about and multiple imagery in various states of opacity gives a feeling of memory. The memories belong to the young girl as her image is most prominent as she gazes at the words of verse.

A hand drawn sketch scanned into PhotoShop and then rendered sits beside the lyrics of Stairway to Heaven written in an ancient font style.




A digital photo was imported to PhotoShop and rendered and  given a thoughtful dreamy sense to the production with three short pieces of text. 

A balanced set of images and a short complete verse evoke the feeling of being lost in love.

Above four words in 4 font styles shout out a simple message of love and joy!


Here is a unique collage made from meaningful junk and then photographed

Junk collage


This collage was made using a pencil sketch that was scanned into Photoshop and then rendered digitally from there. The use of a sketch gives a highly unique and less digital feel overall
The Led Zeppelin collage really doesn't  balance the poetic vision of the lyrics with the imagery, Instead it is more of a visual ode to Robert Plant. The images have not been rendered to create any emotion other than fan adulation of a lead singer .  SELECTIONS COULD BE MUCH BETTER!
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