"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls, and looks like work." -- Thomas A. Edison

             ‘If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.    -- Nicola Tesl

" Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."  ~  Mike Tyson

"Never give up" == mike

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week 2 content


The Magic and Science of Electricity

Zap, Crackle and Pop: The Story of Electricity


Image result for John Henry


Maine Electrician Invited to George H.W. Bush’s Funeral

Electrician jokes

Robots are coming

Electrician becomes a Star

The Truth About Tesla Model 3 Batteries

How Tesla Motors uses AC induction motors

Cost to charge a Tesla 3 and the savings in money

Yikes! ~~Blue LED Light causes cancer~~

Ice Storm blows Powerline

Former Electrician Strikes it Rich

Apple developing micro LED screen tech

Qarnot’s wall-mounted heater doubles
as a crypto-mining rig

GET READY G5 is coming

DO NOT follow Your Passion?

Electrician Rides Big Waves

Trades person harrassed on the job


Oopsey a Technical Problem with Electrical transportaion Mr Musk

LED WiFi Connection

State by state

Westinghouse Bankrupt

1      Bricklaying Robot
2                John Henry
3   Bricklayers compete

INDEED - why your union is a better way

Tesla Beater?

windmill fails

House Printed in 24 hours

eCar Hype

Minimum wage increase = Robotics

How to Choose an Electrician

Electrician Bill Fails at State Capitol

Master Elelctrician dead at One Hundred

Mongolian Electrician goes country
Picasso's Electrican

The working class won the US election
IBEW Endorses Hillary Clinton for President - oops

Elon Musk unveils much-anticipated design for solar rooftops

Robotic Pizza

Drone delivered pizza

Increase in Minumum Wage spurs Robotics

Downed Power Lines

Electrician records dramatic video of deadly NYC crane collapse

Electrician videos crane collapse

HIre an Electrician


Electronic money allows you to be your own bank

The bacteria-fighting super element that’s making
a comeback in hospitals: copper

The Internet of Everthing = I o T

Where's the beef?

Electrician wins lottery - the good kind

Flexible phototransister

Barter anybody?

Home Electronics

Electrician Shortage

Internet of Everything I oT

My Electrician Drives A Porsche?

Tesla's Ashes part of satanic ritual

Why the US Navy is not able to fire their own Rail Guns

Security Experts Worried About Huge Power Grid Failure

Meet the Electrician Who Kept a Milton Home From Exploding

Germany Escapes Solar Eclipse Grid Collapse

Waterloo Craft Brewery uses LED and VFD controllers to SAVE ENERGY

- Harlem Electrician -


I think I'm taking Crazy Pills

Nobel Prize to developers of BLUE LED

Actually they picked the wrong guys

I want to be an electrician. What will my salary be?

Electrician vs Engineer

US Navy demonstrates Electromagnetic Rail Gun Canon

Electrician fined only $1000 for death as a result of faulty work

He was unhappy in politics he “should go back to being an electrician.”

Young mother electrocuted in her flat 'because electrician who tested her leaking boiler was UNQUALIFIED'


Electrician's plastic invention gets a jolt from Kickstarter


Late for Work ?

Apprentice dies at Solar Farm

Electrician BIkers Loose Lisence in OZZ - what the??

PCL delivers modular washroom solution for Humber River Hospital

Value of Electrical Lisence

Need to hire electricians to do Ice Storm repair

Buy a TESLA with BitCoin

Dallas Buyers Club - stars an electrician

Tesla Motors

See the World


Tesla Motors in the News .....again

Chinese Solar Cell company goes Bankrupt

Copper and Electric Power Theft

Christmas lights anyone ?

Put out the FIRE then RUN

Oz hiring at $100K

Demand for Electricians Soars After Hurricane

Volt catches FIRE

400 Electricians rock OCCUPY LONDON

Faulty Capacitor Results in SoCal Power Outage

Britain sees royal wedding electricity surge

4 steps to protect your home against disaster

USA work slow down

how dangerous are some jobs?

Jobs that are HOT

Electrician Killed

Delphi develops wireless battery charger

improve your math skills

Muslims and Islam Were Part of Twin Towers’ Life

Teen blinds heli pilot with green laser

Electricians caught in gangland hit in Montreal boutique

Green Laser Pointed at Canucks Goalie

Cost of Electricians to High ...... as if Health Care is Cheap

Zenn Motor shares race higher on battery data (ultraflux capacitor)

Green Lasers Blind American Soldiers

High Rise Blackout

Grow Op electrical fire

Solar Flare could knock out grid

Kids and dogs shocked in the streets of Toronto