Portfolios  10/11/12 Free WebSpace PhotoShop Tips FrontPage Tips
DreamWeaver Tips Flash Tips Fireworks Tips Examples of Flash Animation

Art History

Art encyclopedia Masters of Photography
Art history resources The Masters
Create a sculpture at the Hirshhorn Gallery Pop Art Index
History of the Roman Alphabet Painting: How-To Articles, Practical Tips, Projects, Inspiration
Rock concert posters  


Find Sounds  search the web in a definable manner for sound HIGHLY RECCOMENDED Flashkit sounds Lots of great loops here    search for sounds Sound America
Royalty Free Music Wav. Central
Partners in Rhyme  lots of music Steaming audio for your web site  includes the source codee
  Kazaa   download P-P audio files and more
Add music try this  


ANIME understanding it

Animated GIFS Swish  like Flash without the steep cost or learning curve Tutorial
  Start in Flash Animation
Background Boutique Very good quality animations
IncredEmail Flash Animation

Biz Apps

EBay   sell stuff How to Start a Businessw Pa Website
Oracle   daily reports  

Comic Creation

The source Scott McCloud How to draw a human figure
How to Draw Cartoonsas POLYKARBON a great tutorial site for Manga, Comic, and PhotoShop tutorials


Convert film Formats

Convert Sound Formats

Convert Flash

Download and convert YouTube video

Convert Flash

Convert Sound Formats

Digital Photography

Agfa online photography course Better photos.... resources Digital Phoptography Olympus Course online
WEBSHOTS get a free web album Digital Photographer online Short Course in Digital Photo
Camera reviews Image Editing Masters of Photography


Design Theory for Web Mundi Design Home of Design Theory
web design


What is it? lots of diction
Edinborough  Graphics dictionary  

POLYKARBON a great tutorial site for Manga, Comic, and PhotoShop tutorials  


All About Fonts Downloading Fonts
  How to download  that font you can't live without
Flaming Fonts  desk top publishing lots'o cool stuff Celtic Fonts


Current films review
Historical film review and history


CGI Resource Index

Matt's Script Archive Inc

Free Web Hosting

AngelFire Brinkster


Clipart [good quality] Free Graphics Experiment with colour and fonts
Celtic Art

POLYKARBON a great tutorial site for Manga, Comic, and PhotoShop tutorials


Image Search MAPS  MapQuest Google Image search this works at school!
GettyImages lots of high quality images  


Photoshop tutorials for ComTech    
Image Ready    
POLYKARBON a great tutorial site for Manga, Comic, and PhotoShop tutorials    

Promote Your Work   promote your site in browsers with meta tags  submit your work for publication
Meta Tag Builder   will build your tags  

Sounds  .....  see Audio ^

Technology Reference

How Stuff Works How Things Works (Wiley)
How Things Work How Computers and Internet Work
Lycos Computers How Search Engines Work for web masters

Web Tools

Asian Avenue  
another great tutorial for novice web builders f from NCSA the guys that invented the web browser!!  ***** Java Scripts  "the source"
Backgrounds for web pages Site Owner = meta tags, counter, search submission, e-biz apps
BraveNet  polls + other web gadgets Themes and backgrounds 
Boogie Jack's HTML tutorial TAGS that you should know 
CadTutorial (advanced FrontPage) WebGenie   cute web tutor
Cute stuff  nice lines etc.
Frames  (how to build a framed web page) (beware!)
WebMonkey every thing the web developer needs to know about the web and more
FrontPage Tutorial     More FrontPage  all sorts of stuff including JavaScripts
Hope for your Web Page everything from scripts to animated GIFS to Scripts
HTML clinic
Websitesthatsuck  learn what to do by knowing what not to do
HTML Colours  Get Hex Codes Here Front Page Express Tutorial  its all we can afford right now
HTML from Web Editors  free
HTML Goodies   A Nifty Tutorial Arachnophilia
How to create a web page a very good starter tutorial **** Slicing Images take the next step!
Host your own web site FrontPage Express Tutorial
Java Scripts for free can add a little spice to your pagehis KaTSeuy DesignWorks

Web Space Free

AngelFire Tripod
Bravenet  (sports/team genre)
Brinkster StreamLoad
 GeocitiesYahoo  please notify of broken links